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21.05.2014 00:12 - Zen or not zen
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 Zen is timeless... As I live in another time with another mission at hand I will rewrite this as follows: 1) Do a lot of things at a time but as though each of them were  your single one at hand! 2) Do it as fast as you can, but don"t miss the single split-second of it 
3) Do it not only completely, but to the last stroke of perfection
4) Don"t do less... Just take your time!
5) Don"t forget about the space between things, just try to arrange them beautifully!
6) Don"t develop rituls.... just try to adopt ones, as rituals like cycles have always been inseparable part of the human nature. I suppose you"ve always wanted to be a part of the human kind, don"t you?
7) Don"t designate time for certain things: just make for it! Sponteneity has always been more than routine and plan!
8) Don"t devote time for sitting..... It"s stopping that makes all the difference! Just develop the habit of stopping yourself and turning in another direction! Just for a change! Just for being and feeling alive!
9) Smile when you feel like it! No fake or forced smiles for work"s sake .... Serve the others because you feel it, not because you"ve been told that"s the shortest short-cut to other people"s appreciation or ... job promotion -;)
10) Cleaning and cooking can never be anything else, but meditation: because at the time your mind is so empty that you are not able to hear the noise coming from the vacuum cleaner -;) 
11) I"ve never thought about anything else: necessity in whtever for or shap has always bben my first priority!
12) I can"t do it any other way, but live simply! 


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